Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is the perfect time for a Packers loss. Why?

- Everyone already has it down as a “W”
- It’s a classic “trap” game with Minny last week and Dallas coming to Lambeau in week 3
- Detroit’s home opener…if they don’t play hard this week, they can expect about 12,000 fans/game from here on out.
- GB always struggles at Detroit.
- Woody has a broken toe. Not good when trying to cover Roy Williams and Cal Johnson.
- The NFL is so insanely bi-polar that nothing surprises me…GB beats NFC title contender Minnesota, while Detroit gets routed by the crappyest team football. Easy win, right? Not in the NFL.

As these thoughts are running through my melon, I notice one thing. Remember a Packers linebacker from a few years ago named Paris Lenon? Yeah, he wouldn’t make the Packers team this year. He’d be the 8th LB on the depth chart. Well…Paris Lenon is the starting MLB for Detroit. Not because of injury, because he’s the best middle LB they have. Nuff said. While Matt probably has GB losing by somewhere between 4 and 5 touchdowns, I’ll say:

Green Bay 30, Detroit 20

Speaking of ex-Packers, there’s been a Marquand Manuel sighting. He STARTS in Denver. Good Lord!

UPDATE: Ryan Grant's bum hammy means he might not play. Brandon Jackson ran roughshod over Detroit last year, hopefully we see a repeat performance.


Goldy said...

As of Wednesday, this game wasn't sold out and the Detroit TV market was looking at a blackout. Way to go Lions' fans.

Goldy said...

If Grant is out, as is being talked about, I am a lot less confident about this win. Jackson has a mild concussion. Will Kraig Lumpkin be starting?

garcia said...

Someone told me that Ahmad Carrol is playing... FOR THE JETS!

Favre's thinking, "What are the F-ing chances?!"

AP said...

I'd like to see Carrol covering Randy Moss this weekend. I'm sure Cassel would like that as well.

I'll still take the Packers in this one. I think they made enough mental errors against the Vikings to keep their focus on playing a cleaner game, so I don't think McCarthy will let the Lions sneak up on them.

Also, I saw Michael Turner run for about 600 yards against that "defense". Grant could have 2 bad hammies and still be good for 125 and a touch. I'd say, 28-17 Pack.

garcia said...

What would happen if McCarthy took the Ned Yost approach at "coaching" or "managing"?

woziszeus said...

Since I no longer have a farm...I'm reduced to betting my car...


Anonymous said...

- GB always struggles at Detroit.

Really? Maybe circa 1998, but since 2001, they've been 5-2 up there.

Anonymous said...

Close games anon.