Friday, September 26, 2008


The KC Wolf didn't come through last week, but he's relentless. Just look at that hustle! Check out the determination! One bad week doesn't stop this animal.

Brian Gresie did his best Timmy Chang impression by chucking it up 67 times last week in Chicago. With the Packers top 5 guys in the secondary banged up, he might try for 80. Seriously, can Mossy Cade suit up? Tyrone Williams? All but SpleenBoy Harris should play.

A nice little test for Rodgers. The Bucs play the vaunted "Tampa-2" defense which has know to cause headaches for even the most experienced QBs.

The team says Rhyno Grant is finally %100 and showing full burst. Let's hope he has %100 grip on the football as well.

Big game (they're all big, right coach) in that Green Bay has a very winnable game in week 5 - Atlanta at home. 3-1 going into that "gimme" would be sweet.

It's ugly, but a Packer wn: Green Bay 20, Tampa Bay 16.

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