Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pittsburgh's Official Scorer Doesn't Know What a Hit Is, Apparently

Is this a hit?

I say no.

Regardless, all in all it was a nice little month for Milwaukee.

August 2007: Milwaukee was 9-18.

August 2008: Milwaukee was 20-7.


Anonymous said...

i don't want them to change the ruling.

the idiot scorer should have to live with that forever. people coming up to him and bringing it up for the rest of his life.

he took away what would have been a great moment for CC, the team and the fans.

it wouldn't be the same on wednesday, so just leave it.

Todd said...

You left out Major League Baseball. A no no is something special. That turd shorted MLB something special too.

marshalledwards said...

This is the element of baseball that makes it just like diving and gymnastics - a subjective judge is needed to make a decision. MLB really cannot do better than this? The guy at Miller Park sucks, too, though he is way too prone to rule error, rather than hit.

Fire Bob Webb said...
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thecobra said...

Whats the diference between A hit and an Error on a pitcher its his fault either way just like a walk there is a runner on base? Either way he gets on and its C Cs fault.