Monday, August 25, 2008

Packers Preview - Running Backs

The Packer Sweep. Yeah boys, they don't run it like that anymore.

Ryan Grant...half year wonder, or legit NFL horse? Grant was acquired at the end of the 2007 training camp for a bag of peanuts, didn't do much until week 8, then took the league by storm. Had the second most (after Tomlinson) rushing yards in the NFL post week 7. Was the only RB to get 100 against Minnesota. Had a 20+ yard run every 17.1 in the NFL. Was this a fluke? No. He's big, fast, and hauls ass after the initial cut - just what the zone blocking scheme calls for. Of course the musical chairs/MASH unit that is the O-Line will hinder production. And he also has to scrape off some rust after sitting out most of camp with a hammy tweak. I say Grant starts slow, only to improved as the season goes on. The night and day improvement of the running game pre/post Grant cannot be overstated.

Korey Hall and John Kuhn basically split reps at fullback. They never get a carry, but have decent hands and are good blockers.

Brandon Jackson looked terrible at the start of 2007. Darrell Thompson thinks this guy looked bad. But after he finally figured out what he was doing, he showed glimpses of being a fine #2. Will he ever be "the man" for some team? That, I don't know. DeShawn Wynn was always nicked up and lazy...which will get you walking papers. I think Noah Herron will also get cut. Vern Morency is like Herron, only more explosive. Rookie Kregg Lumpkin seems to be a more interested and athletic Wynn.

Unit Grade: B. I really think Grant is the real deal, and Jackson has improved. With the O-Line situation in flux, it would be crazy to expect Grant to continue running how he did the second half of last year, but it's a pretty solid overall unit. The FBs are fine.


Blake Ezor said...

Looks to be a 'bunch of guys'

Matt said...

Dwyane Wade thinks the spelling of Kregg Lumpkin's first name is stupid.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Wynn's been released. I'm hoping they hold on to Herron, I like him as a 3rd guy.I'm not sold on Grant; Samkon Gado had 8 good games, too...