Thursday, August 28, 2008

Packers Preview - Offensive Line

Tootie Robbins getting owned by the Minister

I feel the Packers O-Line is too harshly criticized. Is it an elite group? No. Are their question marks? Yes. Does rotating your guards every other quarter exude confidence? No. BUT, look at the facts: they gave up the least amount of sacks in the league last year, and, after Ryan Grant came along, they ran the titties off the ball! I know they couldn't run against the Giants, but they did pass-protect well. The Patriots couldn't do either. Brady almost got decapitated. No, nobody is confusing this group with the 1990's Cowboy's O-Line, but it's not brutal either. Anyway, here we go.

Well, it's been a revolving door. After the first week of camp, they were gonna go with the following line and let them gel: Chad Clifton, Allen Barbre, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton, Mark Tauscher. Then, the injuries came. Wells is still dealing with a "trunk" injury...I didn't know he was part elephant. Sitton, a rookie, was impressing the coaches, but just got rolled up by lard ass Dwayne Robertson and is out until week 3. In comes last year's starter at RG, Jason Spitz. They tried Junius Coston Center, who proceeded to bounce multple shotgun snaps off his testicles. That never works. Tony Moll is now at Center, but Wells should be ready for week 1. As for Barbre, he's reportedly in the doghouse for no apparent reason. Daryn Colledge is back at LG. Get all that? Clear as mud?

Tausch and Clifton are the old guards at the Tackle positions. Despite showing their age on a few pre-season plays (anybody see Denver's Elvis Dumervill blow by Tausch like he was standing still?), they should continue to be one of the best T combos in football.

All told, this is your probable starting line vs Minny in week 1: Clifton, Colledge, Wells, Spitz, and Tausch...just like last year.

Unit Grade: C+. If they could ever get the same 5 on the field at once, that would help.

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