Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Opening up a can of....

12-0. Wow. That's all I can say. You know what 12-0 is? It's the score of a Redskins - Ravens game...not a Brewers - Cardinals game.

I have two points about last nights game:
-St. Louis didn't even sell out the stadium last night. Get serious Redbirds.

Despite the wild-card implications, the announced attendance of 41,121 was about 3,000 shy of capacity. This after the Cardinals had offered half-price tickets to subscribers and free tickets to season ticket-holders with $1 face value in an attempt to paper the house.

I thought St. Louis was a supposed "baseball" town. Nice work city. Way to not pack the house during a playoff race late in the season against the team you are chasing.

-Here's a post yesterday from Cardinals Diaspora that I almost ripped to shreds, but because I'm a decent guy...I waited until today:

But every now and again you get to witness a turning point- a finite moment- and you know its coming....Tonight it’s coming...The Milwaukee Brewers come to town this evening and it’s pretty simple, really. If the Cardinals win they’re certified Wild Card Contenders and the season gets exciting. A loss and a very nice season becomes a very nice third place season.

Well guess what Cardinals fans...12-0. 12-0. I didn't write the above paragraph...but I'll gladly agree with the end result. Your season is done. Finished. Enjoy 3rd place and drinking budweiser. I'll be thinking about you in late September while enjoying a refreshing MGD and peeing my pants.

Don't believe me? Well then...believe Cardinals fans. Because they've mailed it in. LOL.

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