Friday, August 15, 2008

LA is Gagne's turf

Hey wait a minute...isn't Eric Gagne married? Do you think his wife will be happy when she hears he is gallivanting at some hot spot in LA looking for trim?

Click here to see the video.

Cameras caught the goateed cheater hangin' with his boy and Brewers teammate C.C. Sabathia outside of Foxtail, when suddenly Gagne decided it was time to add a little estrogen to the mix. That's when the star of such literary classics as "The Mitchell Report" waved two hotties over and star-powered his way into the club.

Stories like this are why I got into this business people. Because this video is just good times. Check out Braun rocking out his Affliction gear. Mike Rivera looking TOTALLY out of place. And of course, Gagne looking like he runs the town.

I for one am happy the boys are enjoying a little tomfoolery and LA poon. I wonder if Braun likes to cut a rug? Anyway, it's a good sign that Braun is out clubbing it. That has to mean he is ready to get back onto the field right?


Justin said...

Gagne, Billy Hall, Rivera, Braun, CC and Cameron? That doesn't sound like an odd crew to roll with.
Eric Gagne just became a whole lot cooler in my book. So did Rivera.

Matt said...

Braun's intercostal looked pretty good to me.

Todd said...

Billy: "You playin tomorrow CC?"
CC: "nope."
Billy: "You playin tomorrow Brauny?"
Brauny: "Nope."
Gagne: "I might be, but not till later, I'll show you boys how I used to be the King of this town. C'mon RIvera, we all know you ain't playin."