Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green Bay Packers Preview: Linebackers

That's Ray Nitschke, bitches! Go ahead, try to steal this guy's lunch money. RIP, Ray.

Not a bad start for Green Bay last night. Rodgers and the #1 defense looked pretty solid. On to the previews...Linebackers:

Nick Barnett
is the heart and soul of the LB corps. He's a tackling machine with speed. DC Bob Sanders want to use he and AJ Hawk in more blitz packages this year...that can only utilize their strength. I've said this before, and I'll say it again....Hawk hasn't made too many impact plays, but if his only job thus far has been to tackle the guy who comes in his space, he's been fine. Hopefully DC Bob Sanders is more aggressive with Hawk and Barnett like he says they will. Brady Poppinga and Brandon Chillar are pretty much co-starters. They're gonna do a Ned Yost platoon here...Poppy's better against the run, Chillar stronger in pass coverage. Poppy played DE in college and will be used as a rush end in certain situations.

This unit is VERY deep. Who to cut from the following will be a difficult choice. Desmond Bishop is currently the #2 MLB, he'll probably make the team. After missing last year with tendinitis surgery in both knees, Abdul Hodge has been an animal. Last night was a prime example. He may have been the most impressive player (on either team) in the second half. And oh by the way, the 7th LB on the list, Tracy White, is the Packers best special teams player. These will be difficult cuts indeed. Sadly, Terry Tate did not make the roster...WOOOOH!!

Final Grade: B+. Deep and talented. If the attack style of defense is not just coach-speak, look for some big plays in 2008 ladies and gentleman.

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woziszeus said...

Definitely the strength of the defense right here.

Hopefully the corners and line stay healthy...then these guys can be unleashed.