Monday, August 11, 2008

A Chuckie Hacks congratulations!

Well, isn't this just a delightful little story!

We hear at Chuckie Hacks would like to congratulate Bob Gessert on his first ever hole in 1 at the Legend at BrandyBrook golf course! Click here and scroll about half way down to see the picture!

"So what Zeus?" you might be saying..."who the F is Bob Gessert?"

Oh...this is Bob Gessert ladies and gents...The old pal of my favorite Packer of all-time: Mark Chmura.

Could it really be 8 years since the famous party out in Hartland? many memories...


Sea Man said...

The pubescent lifeguards at the Brandybrook CC pool run for the exits when Mr. G comes rolling through.

marshalledwards said...

The best line ever uttered by Mr. G was missed in that particluar link, when he told his daughter's friends "I like the way you dance."

No truer words were ever uttered.

Bless you, Bob G.