Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are Cardinals Dangerous When Angry? Because These Particular Peckers Seem Mad.

Wow - I just took a peek at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch coverage of the Cardinals/Brewers series. That's a very exercised group down there in St. Louis.

They seem to be all hot and bothered over the shirt-untucking that the Brewers do after a win. And are still angry about Braun and Hall admiring their majestic game-winning home runs. If they want payback against Hall, it isn't likely to happen with two righthanders on the mound for St. Louis.

I especially enjoyed some of the reader comments to the stories:

#1 from "cncdaddy": Ryan Braun is a punk. He has barely been in the league for a year and he is walking down to first admiring the ball...I would stick a high and tight one right in his ear hole first at bat to let him know he has to earn that privilege.

I wasn't aware of the rule that you needed to play in the league for more than a year and get hit in the head by a pitch before being allowed to admire a game-winning home run. Good to know.

#2 from "Wally the Weasel": It’s not surprising given that the Brewers are quite an unprofessional bunch of goons, and there’s a lot more to their bad attitude than untucking shirts. How about they make the playoffs just once before they start flaunting their success? I’m surprised D.G. is acting as a Brewers apologist. These guys are thugs, and I hope the Cardinals take them down a couple of notches.

Goons and thugs? My Brewers?

#3 from "Elena" (who may or may not be Hispanic): I don’t believe that made-up explanation for a minute. Hispanic players have been doing it for years. It’s really disrespectful when done at away games. Makes me really dislike the Brewers.

Does she dislike Hispanics? Or just untucked shirts? It's unclear, but she seems angry.

Of course, it is entirely possible that LaVodka got drunk today and was posting comments under some of his favorite aliases. Sadly, we'll never know.


Todd said...

What the fuck? Do they seriously have nothing better to do than to bitch about the shirt untucking thing? I'm glad you posted those comments, because now I'm untucking my shirt every day as I leave the office, yeah, take that! And remember:

St. Louis is French for shit beer town.

Matt said...

One way to avoid having the Brewers untuck their shirts is to beat them.

Anonymous said...

12-0. STFU.

Todd said...

I think TLR made a deal with the devil in 2006.
Devil: "Sure you can take this 83 win team and capture the World Series, but from this day forth, Ned Yost managed teams will make you their whuppin' boy."
TLR: "Fine."

marshalledwards said...

The only negative about last night's game is the 2 missed extra points.

garcia said...

...or the fact they won't score any runs today

ClownShipLollypop. said...

When Braun is breaking every record and has a chance to beat Joe DiMaggio's home run total in his first two years I think he's earned the right to watch the ball fly out as he shoves it straight up your ass.

Also, I'm getting sick of watching Pujols chewing on his tongue looking like a fucking corky thatcher retard.

What a bunch of cry baby losers.

Goldy said...

I liked Braun sprinting out of the box after his huge, some would say "clutc", HR last night. Kind of a big F-U to the Cards.
This is like when the Badgers started gettign good at football andf basketball. Nobody disliked the Badgers until they started playing good and beating people. Now that the Brewers have the cards number, they can't handle it.

Matt said...

Goldy, I was thinking the same thing. Cardinals fans kind of remind me of MSU hoops fans.

Goldy said...

Great analogy Matt. I Like that one. LaRussa and Izzo seem alike.