Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote Now, Vote Often

Which of the following best characterises why the Cubs are running roughshod over the Brewers...pick one:

1) The Brewers youngsters lack of big game experience

2) Just a little rough patch common in a baseball season

3) The Brewers mashing style of offense is ill suited for playoff-type games

4) Pressure games like this means "Nervious" Ned has to use his brain

5) The Cubs are just better


woziszeus said...

It's a combination of #2 & #5.

#3...come on Brad...get serious. You're gonna complain about an offense that just recently won 8 consecutive games?

The Brewers need to GET to the Playoffs. Whatever happens then is basically luck...especially in a 5 game crapshoot.

brad said...

I was just throwing it out there as another possibility.

manbearpig said...

I think it's just a rough patch. It happens all the time, it just so happens that this patch is happening at THE worst time. It's all cyclical. If it continues for the next month, then I'd be concerned.

manbearpig said...

Off the subject slightly, does anyone else think something is going on with Sheets? He hasn't looked like himself in his last 3 or 4 starts.

I think he might be working thru some pain or some other injury, but doesn't want to go on the DL because it's a contract year which will mean losing big $$$. Thoughts?

been cobra'd said...

combination of 2 and 5.

thecobra said...

I think Sheets needs to miss a start. He hasn't pitched this many innings since 04.
Oh yeah back to voting: #6 All of the above. No one fears us. The cubs could be done by 5 in the bottom of the 9th and there is a good chance they will walk off if not tie. When we get down by 4 or more we just get that deer in headlights look especially late. Oh except that game when Suppan gave up like 6 in the 4th inning and we came back.

Anonymous said...

The Cubs have huge advantages in OBP and AVG w/ RISP. They also make the pitcher work his ass off and never seem to give away at-bats.

I still think the Brewers are the 2nd best team in the NL, but the gap between 1 and 2 is far bigger than I realized going into this series.

garcia said...

I like the combination of 2 and5 but you have to throw 4 in there as well. I have flat out hated ned yost since day 1 so i am very critical of him...he does not lead the team...AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

3) The Brewers mashing style of offense is ill suited for playoff-type games

David said...

#5. Brewers bullpen is terrible. Solomon Torres? Really that's your best? CC isn't unbeatable. Sheets, is hurt, I'm guessing groin. In a fantasy draft I would take Adam Dunn over Ryan Braun, and I would never take Adam Dunn. Really, all you have to do is look match up the rotations and you can see that the Cubs are by far superior to the Crew,

Sheets Zambrano
Sabathia Harden
Parra Dempster
Bush/McClung Lilly
Suppan Marquis

Cub starters 40-21.
Crew starters 38-28.

And that is including 6 pitchers for the crew and only 5 for the cubs, and that doesn't include Harden Wins with the A's or Sabathia's loses with the Tribe. That stupid platoon that Yost uses for Bush and McClung is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. That's part of the problem and you have Suppan in your rotation. I know your going to point out Marquis, but at least Marquis is 6-6 compared to Suppan's 5-7.

And one more thing....maybe the Brewers need to learn how to play defense, my little league teams played better D, and we were last in our league.

Anonymous said...


MGD Mike said...

#5 Cubs are a better team, but with a much bigger payroll.

Kender said...

Why isn't "Their defense is so bad it's funny" a choice? The Brewers have just been giving runs away to the Cubs all series on such plays as Ryan Braun playing a single into a triple with 2 men on, the drop third strike yesterday, and the botched double play on Monday.

D'Amicos one good year said...

#1 leading to #5.

brad said...

My bad Kender...that should have been a choice.