Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Trivia

Loyal reader Larry Wayne found a sweet 1998 Brewers Media Guide in the basement.
Question: Pre-1998, who are the 12 Brewer pitchers to win 15 or more games in a year?


goldy said...

Sure Things:
Mike Caldwell
Pete Vuckovich
Teddy Higurea

Moose Haas
Juan Nieves
Bill Wegman
Jaime Navarro
Cal Eldred
Chris Bosio

Completely out of nowhere guess:
Don August

Krey said...

Eldred had to have won 15 that year he won 10 before the all star break...I like your top 3 goldy

Matt said...

Chris Capuano

Matt said...

Some other possibilities:

Ben McDonald
Jeff Juden
Ricky Bones
Scott Karl
Jamey Wright
Paul Rigdon
Jeff D'Amico
Pete Harnisch
Julio Machado

Matt said...

yah, I guess Capuano wasn't pre-1998. But I stand by my other guesses.

Goldy said...

Any time you can bring up a murderer, you have a heck of a list. Way to go Matt!

brad said...

Ricky Bones was an all star!

Answer Key said...

Goldy had a pretty good run there. Here's the complete list.

22 Mike Caldwell 1978
20 Jim Colborn 1973
20 Teddy Higuera 1986
18 Peter Vuckovich 1982
18 Larry Sorensen 1978
17 Jaime Navarro 1992
16 Cal Eldred 1993
16 Chris Bosio 1992
16 Moose Haas 1980
15 Bill Wegman 1991
15 Jim Slaton 1979
15 Billy Travers 1976

the 1970s said...

We dominate this list