Monday, July 28, 2008

Matt's Informative Cubs Series Preview

My quick opinion on the upcoming series with the Cubs - while it's a big deal, it's not really that big of a deal. Sure, it'd be nice to win 3 or 4 games, but if the Brewers win 2 games I'm happy. If they win 1 or 0 games, I'm less happy, but there's a lot of baseball left. The games in September will more than likely be much more critical.

Nevertheless, it should be an entertaining series because:

1. The starting pitching matchups couldn't have worked out any better for each team if they were setting up their rotation out of the All Star break specifically for this series (hmmm...were they?) The Cubs have everyone but Jason Marquis starting, and the Brewers have everyone but Jeff "highly flammable" Suppan starting, who gave up approximately 173 runs to the Cubs the last time he faced them. Advantage: Push.

2. Neither team is playing especially outstanding baseball right now - each team is 1-2 in its last 3 games. Advantage: Push.

3. Neither team has any significant injuries. Well, except that Gallardo is hurt. And I guess Kerry Wood is hurt, but he might be back if the ointment that they got for his blister is working. Advantage: Push.

4. While the Cubs have been struggling on the road lately, the Brewers have been less successful at home lately. Advantage: Push.

In sum, this series should be pretty evenly matched.

I feel like Mike Hunt right now.


Anonymous Adam said...

Your analysis is definitely on par with Michael Hunt with flawed logic like this:
1) Neither time is hot?!??! In their last ten game the Cubs are 4-6 and the Brewers are 8-2. The Brewers have the best record in the league since May 19th. But you are right they are not hot losing two of three.
2) These games mean less than the ones in September?!?! If we go 4-0in this series, and then go 2-4 in the other two series I am pretty sure it does the same thing as going 2-2 and then 4-2 but I am no math major. I forgot the weight average measurement that was recently installed to games 150-162. That would be the best idea since the all star game deciding home field.

Matt said...

1. I don't think games played in May have any bearing on this series.

2. Yes, game #1 is mathematically as important as game #162. My point was, in September there's a lot less time to make up ground than there is in July.

Anonymous said...

christ this article was as hard to read as most of Brad's lame posts