Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its Gotta Be The Shoes Money!

Another night, another Billy Hall game winner. I was coming home from softball, so I didn't see the home run, but Uke let me know it was gone off the bat. When I did see the replay, I liked Hall's reaction. Watch it, drop the bat on the plate, and spit a big loogy down the first base line. Good Times. If/when Hall gets hit tomorrow by that jack-ass LaRussa, let's hope C.C doesn't retaliate for the time being so he doesn't get the boot.

Heck of a win and Billy Hall might have whiplash from how many times Prince pushed him in the head in the post game celebration.

Again, like last night, thanks to C2 Customs and the Jim Powell Blog on SportsBubbler.com for the shoe photo.


Anonymous said...

best part was the dugout celebration after the HR where someone (sounded like either Billy or Prince) dropped the F bomb before FSN could cut the mic. great night.

manbearpig said...

It was Prince, and he dropped like 4 or 5 of them. Nice!

marshalledwards said...

I agree that tonight is the night where LaRussa does all that he can to try and get a retaliation / CC ejected trick. Please, Ned, do not be stupid enough to fall for it. A pre-emptive beaning by CC would be a nice tone-setter, however. Right in the middle of Pujols' back in the bottom of the first.