Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm glad I've never written anything that can be misconstrued

Just a quick "let's make fun of this blogger" moment.

"I definitely have some stories in the coming days, but I’ve pretty much consumed alcohol and smoked beef products non-stop for 72 hours..."

Tee hee. I wonder what sort of beef products he was smoking up there for 72 hours non-stop? I bet he can deep throat with the best of em...

So in honor of our new favorite blogger/pole-smoker...let's bust out some of the lyrics from the great hip hop artists "Big Tymers," the song is titled, "Snake:" (Lyrics a little NSFW).

"I heard you suck a beach ball through a hose pipe..."

Ah...poor guy...obviously not what he meant to convey but it won't stop me from ripping him. Brad is probably going to fire me tomorrow for writing about this...

Hat tip to Not So Anonymous Jake for the link.

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Anonymous said...

Woz let me splash on your sweater.