Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Need My Team's Players To Hate All Players From Other Teams

A very disturbing piece by Tom Haudricourt in today's J-S.

Ryan Braun:

"It turns out that all the Cubs are kind of nice guys," the Milwaukee Brewers leftfielder said. "That's unfortunate. I thought it would be easy to dislike them."

Did you talk to Big Z, Ryan? He's crazy. Everyone says so. Plus lots of Cubs fans hate Alfonso Soriano - was he nice too? Or was he selfish with poor plate discipline, which is what I hear from Cubs fans who really know that guy?

Corey Hart:

" realize how friendly the guys are. I got to talk to (Cubs outfielder Kosuke) Fukudome and he's a good guy. Kind of quiet, but a good guy."

Rubbish. Fukudome looks like an ass - he only seems quiet because you don't speak Japanese. I guarantee he was talking shit about you and that noodle throw from right to end the game.

I'll be honest - my whole world has been turned upside down. Look for Hart and Fukudome to do the old Magic/Zeke cheek kiss next time these two teams square off. Gah.


Anonymous said...

Even if the players like each other, the clueless Cubs fans create more than enough hatred for this rivalry. When the Brewers beat the Cubs, the thing that makes me happiest is that it ruins the day of the Cubs fans. That means more than the game up in the standings.

Scott Segrin said...

I swear - all through the first two innings I kept thinking that Ben Sheets ought to wait for Soto to call for a low curveball and then throw 95mph heater right at his melon. Or vice-versa. See if he could bounce one in there and give him a little Chris Snyder treatment.

Wrigleyville said...

i can honestly say that the only loss to the brewers that ever "ruined" my day came in september 1998. that was nearly a decade ago, though, so i've recovered nicely.

matt - i thought it was official CH policy to not wish injuries upon opposing teams? will you let this travesty stand???

manbearpig said...

that opening day loss didn't hurt? Cubs comeback to tie in the bottom of the 9th off the $10 million gas can only to have Kerry Wood choke it away? If I were a Cubs fan I would have been fuming over that.

Wrigleyville said...

it certainly didn't ruin my day. it was a very nice day out here in the philly suburbs. it was opening day. and there are 162 games in a year.

in fact, i would be happy for the cubs to go 0-19 (or however many games there are in the regular season) against the brewers if they were to still win the division. it really doesn't matter how they get there over a 162-game slog, does it?

Matt said...

Well, I thought the "Chris Snyder treatment" quip was funny.

Ginto said...

You thought the Snyder quip was funny?

That's because you lack class, dignity and intelligence. Way to represent!

T.J. Brown said...

I used to be almost as big a Brewers fan as I was a Cub fan when they were in the AL. Now, my loyalties are with the Cubs, but I'm sort of hoping Milwaukee wins the Wild Card (the only problem with that is they might be the Cubs' biggest threat in the playoffs).

Memo to Brewers fans: Don't be like White Sox fans. Sox fans are the Bears fans that give the rest of us a bad name!