Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good News Everybody, We're Extending Arts and Crafts Time by Four Hours Today

I have it on good authority that C.C. Sabathia is about to become a Milwaukee Brewer.

The club's seamstress was seen at the local Ben Franklin store purchasing a dozen yards of fabric in the Brewers team colors. Unless Prince split his pants recently, this amount of yarn can only be for a man of C.C. Sabathia's girth.

No word on whether the team is going to allow Sabathia to don his traditional #52, which has been unofficially retired by the Brewers after former Brewers great Jose Capellan was sent to Detroit.

[Note to Tom Haudricourt: This is a rather poor joke. I don't know who the club's seamstress is. When you read this post (as I know you will) I implore you to check your sources rather than citing this post, and then tossing mud at me when it turns out to be false.]


Anonymous said...

TH would probably use this post. He hasn't had one bit of useful reporting about this situation yet - he just regurgitates what Olney and the other national guys are saying and hasn't done any reporting of his own.

marshalledwards said...

Prince needs a buddy for visits to the OCB. CC would gladly join him, and such comraderie for Prince might get him hitting again. This is a little-cited side benefit of adding CC.

Matt said...

Anonymous, are we sure that it isn't the opposite? Olney regurgitating what Haudricourt reports?

I was referring not to his reporting on this particular story, but to that whole Badger Blog/Ned Yost is going to be fired dust-up about 6 weeks ago.