Thursday, July 17, 2008

Former Badger sighting!

When was the last time you heard Kirk Penny's name? Well apparently he's still a dominant force on the ol' New Zealand National Team!

Forward Kirk Penney poured in 29 points against Germany, to follow his 25 against Cape Verde on Tuesday.

They've still got a ways to go apparently in order to qualify for the Olympics...but I don't care...I'm just happy Kirk is getting some press down in the NZ.

No word yet on where Rashard Griffith is. He hasn't been heard of in 3 years since he apparently retired from his 8 year Euro Career of averaging 12 and 7 during the day, and 1.5 hookers at night.

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Andy Kilbride said...

Rashard has been in Madison a few times over last couple years that 'The Duck has been an assistant with Bo. Worked out with the big men in the offseason.