Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dusty Calling His Shot

I got to thinking that it might be time to re-visit Cincinnati's decision to sign Francisco Cordero to a 4-year $46 million (I think?) deal.

See, Cordero just blew another save last night (.2 innings, 3 runs) against the Padres. That gives him 6 blown saves on the season in 26 opportunities. In July, he's blown 3 of his 8 save opportunities, and posted a 6.97 ERA and 2.32 WHIP.

But, as often happens with my post ideas, I'm taking a left turn now that I've done a little research.

On the Reds official website, I came across this story about the beleaguered Reds bullpen. One quote from young-pitcher-killer Dusty Baker caught my eye, and should have tonight's starter (Johnny Cueto) and Reds fans everywhere more than a little nervous.

More than anything, though, Reds manager Dusty Baker is concerned with Weathers' -- and the rest of the bullpen's -- workload.

"That's three days in a row for him," Baker said. "We have to give [closer Francisco Cordero] a breather, too. Hopefully, [Tuesday] we can get a complete game. We need it badly because he needs a blow and Coco needs a mental and physical blow."

Oh boy. Look for Cueto to throw approximately 180 pitches tonight. And get Dr. James Andrews on the line.


brad said...

Edinson Volquez is already icing his arm in anticipation of his next start.

Matt said...

Cueto was only able to deliver 6 innings, throwing 120 pitches.