Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Corey Hart Plug

Always loved the guy. Was baffled at the beginning of last year why he wasn't playing every day. Remember him losing starts to - gasp - Gabe Gross to start 2006? How laughable is that right now?

Anyway, great story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the unassuming Hart. Included, Jim Hendry's biggest Brewer fear:

Now, the former 11th-round pick's stock has risen so much that when opposing teams try to discuss Hart in a trade, Melvin said, "I tell them I'm not going to even talk about him. But it's taken clubs three or four years to ask about him. They see him and say, 'Hey, that guy's a pretty good player.' (General manager) Jim Hendry of the Cubs told me they fear him more than anybody on the club.''


thecobra said...

My favorite thing about Corey is the new Steps in the hair.

"He is the best base runner in the league." Ed Cedar

Matt said...

You know, I thought I saw some grooves in his hair last night but concluded that it must just be a shadow in the dugout.


marshalledwards said...

Brian Bosworth gives his full approval to those grooves.