Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brewers - Cubs Review, Game 1

Well, I guess the old broomsticks can be put away.

Chalk this one up to "one of those games" that the Brewers decided to just giveaway. The game was going as planned, until Dick "deer in the headlights" Weeks decides to crap his pants on defense.

Seriously, that was one of the worst throws ever. EVER. It wasn't even close. If you watch the camera angle from the left field corner, it almost looked like Dick threw the ball towards THE UMPIRE. The play was routine. Ooooooo...Reed Johnson was "coming in hard." So what? Throw the ball 90 feet and then jump over him.

When Rickie comes to the Clubhouse today, Ted Simmons needs to grab him and sit him down in front of the TV. He then should be forced to watch the reply of that atrocious throw at least 75 times. I'm sorry , time is running out on Mr. Weeks. A shorter leash may have to be implemented in late innings on defense.

Anyway, that was basically the ball game there. CC didn't have his "great" stuff (only 3 K's), but dude still did what he needed to do to get through 7 strong. Gagne and Torres would have taken over the 8th & 9th with a 3-2 or maybe 4-2 lead. It stings.

Couple other tidbits:
-Nice to see Russell the Muscle get his first home run in over a month. It'd be nice to see him go on a little binge again.
-The Brewers half of the 8th inning...yeah...that sucked. Hardy, Braun, & Hart all strike out. I don't think I've ever seen Braun that confused up there. Has he ever LOOKED at 3 consecutive strikes? Weird.
-We burned through 39 pitches for Torres last night. Let's see what effect this has for the rest of the series. The armchair manager in me maybe wouldn't have minded seeing Carlos pitch the 9th...

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