Friday, July 25, 2008

Another chink in the Cubs armor...

I know he's actually a pretty good pitcher, but I still find it somewhat humorous that a guy that used to catch Brady Quinn's balls at Notre Dame is now pitching for the Chicago Cubs.

Welcome to the Show you big donkey. Way to let up a run in your first inning. I bet Ryan Braun wouldn't have done that. He would have struck out the side and then hit a home run in the bottom of the inning and then chest-bumped Lou Pinella.

I guess the main point of this post is...Notre Dame sucks.


Wrigleyville said...

it was actually a very impressive debut. he gave up a 99-hopper up the middle that a real major league shortstop would have gotten easily.

then he did his worst thing - a pitchout 3 feet over soto's head - and then gave up a double to cantu.

so, one ball was hit hard in two innings and (if i recall correctly) cantu shouldn't have even come up in the 7th due to theriot's terribleness.

all in all, it was very encouraging. 96-99 mph on the gun, with lots of movement. they didn't touch him in the 8th after he settled down.

so, after one outing - i'm impressed. then again, i was sometimes impressed with farnswroth early in his career.

he does have nice hair, though.

Fat ass weiss said...

Should have went to the NFL.