Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 things need to happen...

1. Guillermo Mota needs to be DFA'd. Today. Right now. I've had enough. The man has completely blown up. I don't know the reasons...and quite frankly I don't care. Take a look at his splits from the last month or so. Dear God! You CAN'T let this guy pitch anymore! Bring back DiFelice or Dillard.

You know what this reminds me of? The Ricky "Gopherball" Bottalico gas can performance half way through 2005. Ricky was chugging along, 3rd or 4th guy out of the pen, nothing fancy, then he just blew up. Done. Every other game he'd let up 3 runs in .2 innings or something.

It all comes down to reliability. Mota (like Bottalico) could no longer be relied upon to contribute anything on the mound. He serves no purpose coming out of the bullpen anymore (save garbage time). Shake his hand, give him a case of Miller Lite, and hand him a plane ticket back to the Dominican.

2. The Brewers need to freaking own Jorge de la Rosa today. He sucks. Screw karma or whatever. He is an absolutely putrid baseball pitcher. He admitted being absolutely terrified with nerves while he was on the mound. The man (and I use the word "man" loosely) has started 51 games in his MLB career and his ERA is just below 6. Come on guys. Sit dead red on one of his 86 mph cockshots and knock him out by the 3rd inning.

That is all.


Matt said...

Careful - De La Rosa is probably fighting his way back to the majors after suffering from agoraphobia or something.

marshalledwards said...

Karma - code for "I am a dumb ass who periodically wishes to expose how painfully stupid I am by blaming something call karma."