Sunday, July 6, 2008

Get Catering On the Phone - We Need To Supplement the Usual Order

The 1,501st post on this modest blog is a noteworthy one:

The CC Sabathia deal is done, according to Tom Haudricourt.

Sabathia will be in the starting rotation on Tuesday at Miller Park against the Rockies. That's Manny Parra's normal turn, so I'm sure there will be some re-jiggering of the starters. Has Bushie pitched well enough to save his spot as a starter? Does McClung go back to long relief, on account of his dead arm? Will the Brewers un-retire Capellan's #52?

So many questions.


the other brad said...

Going on record on this illustrious blog to say this will turn out to be a terrible deal. This team would have made the playoffs without CC. I just hope they didn't have to give up Brantley as well - he and Gamel were the only 2 big left handed backs in the minors. Doesn't look like Cleveland wanted Cain.

Bill said...

Suppan to the pen, wont happen but should.