Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who Replaces Weeks Tonight?

Any guesses on the Brewers lineup and batting order for tonight's game without Weeks?

I immediately figured Counsell or Iribarren would start at 2B and lead off since Oswalt is starting for the Astros, but some of the Brewers have some interesting (surprising?) career numbers vs. Oswalt.

Bill Hall - .343 BA in 35 at bats.

Jason Kendall - .474 BA in 19 career at bats.

Could Hall start at 2B? I'm guessing no, because Ned will want to start a lefty against Oswalt and Hall is definitely no candidate to lead off. But how about having Kendall lead off, with Hall batting further down in the order?

Might make some sense, but I'm betting Yost will just slot Counsell in at 2B and batting leadoff, with the rest of the lineup generally the same (except we might see Cameron and Hardy trade spots in the lineup).

2B Counsell
SS Hardy
LF Braun
1B Prince
RF Hart
3B Branyan
CF Cameron
C Kendall
P Big Red


For those of you who were pining for more Joe Dillon with Weeks out of the lineup, you might be disappointed. If Ned plays this as a straight platoon (which, given his track record, you have to assume he will) Joe Baseball won't start until at least Saturday vs. the Twins. The Brewers are scheduled to face righties in the next 4 ballgames.


Woz said...

Looks about right to me Matt...unless Gabe Kapler can play 2b.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

Dear Ned,

Please start Irribaren at 2b tonight. Kendall can leadoff and Hernan should see some fastballs batting eighth in front of the red-hot Seth McClung. You have an opportunity to give a young player a chance show you what he's got. Please don't be predictable and stick Counsell in the lineup.

Thank you for your time.

Not so anonymous Jake

matt said...

Well, according to Anthony Witrado, Ned has shaken things up tonight:

RF Corey Hart
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
3B Russell Branyan
CF Mike Cameron
2B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
P Seth McClung

All of you pining for Corey Hart in the leadoff spot get your wish...at least for one night.

Krey said...

I think we should start a "If I were managing the Brewers" thread. I think it is really funny how Ned Yost gets blamed for every loss and didn't receive one ounce of credit for the recent winning streak. Don't get me wrong, there are many decisions that I would have made differently "If I were managing the Brewers," but if we're going to criticize, I think we need to give a little credit. Is Ned Yost responsible for the recent winning streak, or is it just the players? Managing is such a dynamic job, I have a hard time criticizing someone when I don't know all of the "inside information." For example, maybe a pitcher slapped some girl in the face and is unavailable for the night and Yost has to throw Mota....whatever, insert some ridiculous story here. Is every problem the US faces President Bush's fault (some think so). I appreciate everyone's passion and intensity, and there are definitely certain situations where Yost needs to get ripped, but I think we need to start holding people accountable here, "If they were managing the Brewers" and happened to make a wrong decision. We have a few different lineups here tonite. Let's see who's right! I value your opinion Jake, Woz, Matt...this is not a rip on anyone in paticular, but a general observation and suggestion.

Woz said...

Ned Yost once let Dave Bush hit in the top of an inning, then he took him out before he even pitched in the bottom.

He also didn't find it the least bit odd that Rickie Weeks was amongst the lead leaders in runs when he was at the bottom in the league in getting on base.

The guy just bothers me. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...


Krey said...

I agree with you there. Just not in Yost-bashing in general.
Come on you should know it is part of his job description to a straight shooter and spit out as many cliches as possible. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains. I'm just trying to do what's best for the ballclub....

mgd mike said...


You have made more sense than anyone on this blog! I totally agree!

Right after Goerge Bush directed the plains to fly into the towers, he directed the Hurricanr to hit Louisiana!

No matter what Yost does, it's not right and its his fault!

However, his attitude, demeanor, and arrogance lately is pushing the limit. A Change might be best just to lighten the mood around the team. They seem to be pressing, and playing all uptight. Just like how Ned acts!

RonDayneFan said...

Ned's the one sticking with Mota as his 8th inning guy even though he shouldnt. Just like he stuck with Aquino in that roll too long, and Turnbow. And kept rolling Gagne out there when he's clearly done.

As for George, he's gonna go down as the worst president since Hoover. And Im a Republican.

MGD Mike said...


I agree with you on both points.

Bush is horrible, and I also am a republican. Also, I believe it is time for Ned to be fired.

The point I was trying to make was, Things happen that you have no control over, but you get the blame for it. Thats not right!

I just wish people would use a proper perspective when they bitch all the time. But with a world full of stupid people, I should no better. It just gets a little sickening after awhile.

But I do agree Ned should be held accountable for being a stubborn SOB and costing us plenty of games!

Krey said...

Mgd mike, I agree with you on many points.

RonDaynefan do you live in Europe?

Richard Nixon said...

What about me as the worst president of all time, I f*&king resigned in office.

matt said...

Bush would only hold that distinction for 4 years if Obama becomes President.

Anonymous said...

I on board with Matt's last take. Maybe Obama is looking at Lena Taylor as a running mate. What a great combo.

rondaynefan said...

I do not live in Europe. I'm thinking of moving there with the prospects of either Obama (clueless) and McCain (4 more years of Bush...damnit!) running this country.

Great blog guys!

Krey said...

Trust me...its worse over there...then there's Canada -eh? I would like to personally give Ned Yost credit for all of those bombs last night, but rip him at the same time for the pitching performance.