Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rumors Involving 600+ Pounds of Baseball Players

Found this little item from Joel Sherman in the NY Post, via mlbtraderumors.com.

Two items of interest:

1. An "AL Talent Evaluator" sees Milwaukee as a possible trade destination for CC Sabathia, along with the usual suspects.

The Red Sox, too, will consider Sabathia, but several executives say the Cubs might be the most serious suitor in attempts to strengthen their run at a first title in a century. "And keep an eye on Milwaukee," an AL talent evaluator said. "They have a loaded Double-A team and are prioritizing a starting pitcher."

My react: I've wondered if Milwaukee might make a play at Sabathia if they're still hanging around the Wild Card when he gets dealt. It would fill an obvious need in the starting rotation this year (K bye, Dave Bush), would block the Cubs and Cardinals from getting him, and it's not a complete rental, given that Milwaukee would certainly get 2 first round picks for Sabathia if they lose him as a free agent (which they would). Could they do it without giving up LaPorta or Gamel? Don't know. Of course, the Brewers could go in the complete opposite direction at the trade deadline and deal Sheets, depending upon where they're at in the standings at that point.

2. Sherman agrees with me that Prince could be traded soon, and he's saying he might even be available by the July 31 trade deadline.

Want a surprise name that could come in the market, maybe before July 31, but almost definitely in the offseason when the New York Mets and Yanks could be hunting first basemen: Milwaukee's Prince Fielder. Milwaukee is blessed with a lot of offensive-centric players who could switch to first (Ryan Braun in the majors, Matt LaPorta or Mat Gamel nearly ready at Double-A). Mainly, Fielder is a Scott Boras client who almost certainly will not sign a long-term contract and the Brewers could decide his greatest value is in dealing him sooner than later while his value is highest and cost to them lowest. The Dodgers, Twins and Royals also could have interest.

"It's not something I am exploring," Brewers GM Doug Melvin said. "But I never rule out anything. The day I traded Carlos Lee, I went to work with no plans whatsoever to do it, and by midnight he was a Texas Ranger."

My react: I don't see him being moved this summer, or even in the off-season, because LaPorta and Gamel are still in AA and it sounds like they'll remain there for the rest of the year. A deal next summer at the earliest makes more sense to me. And that's the first time I've heard Ryan Braun's name linked with first base - it seems to me that he's settling in just fine in left.

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Woz said...

Ryan Braun is going to be entering Cooperstown in 2030 wearing a Brewer cap and on his statue it will say, "LF." That guy is way to good of an athlete to be stuck at first base.

Can we all just STOP this Prince Fielder being traded nonsense?