Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. Burgler, Meet Mr. Bedpost

More on the Noah Herron burglary situation:

"The Noah Herron situation is obviously very tough," said Packers coach Mike McCarthy. "It is an ongoing investigation as we know. It is a very tough situation and we've talked a lot about it as a football team. Noah is going through a tough time and we're supportive of him. That was a tough situation and he handled it probably as best he could. It's a tough time."

In sum, I think coach is saying that it's tough.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious Matt!

Good stuff as usual. Isnt it annoying how dry coaches can be sometimes?

matt said...

McCarthy is drier than most. And Thompson is no better.

But I guess they don't get paid for quotes. Rather have their success as opposed to the wit of Sam Wyche or Jerry Glanville.

train said...

Not to get all right wing but I read in some article that the police 'cleared' Herron for using force to protect himself. Why does protecting yourself and your property have to be cleared by the PD? So criminals have rights these days too? I'm sure there's a federally funded support group for battered criminals that the meth-head can join.

Pink Slip said...

I think he was getting cut and now this happend so they can't cut him until he is done with his "tough time".

Geoff McFielder said...

Obviously it's tough, ya know?

Anonymous said...

Train, I think that's more of a check to make sure they really did break in and it wasn't an "Ohhh Flanders..." kind of situation where they were invited in and then beat down. A technicality, if you will.

That said, I won't be suprised when some unscrupulous lawyer takes the burglar's assault case looking for an easy settlement - but that case will get tossed, no question.

Great blog guys. Definetly part of my regular reading rotation.

Anonymous said...

Surpised McCarthy didn't throw a "give 110%" quote in, plus a few more of his regular lines. I would have expected "It is a tough situation but Noah gave it 110% and it was all about execution. He left it all on the field/his lawn. It was tough but at least he showed up to play and gave it his all..."