Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come on Prince...

All you astute readers of the JSOnline Brewer Blog saw this lovely little post today...

Prince Fielder owes the IRS over $400K.

Yet again, everybody just shake their heads. Go ahead. Just ponder how it can happen. This isn't like writing in the wrong number of dependents by mistake. This isn't like forgetting to record the $82.46 in interest he earned on his checking account that he still jointly keeps with his Mom. This is $400K people. That's flat out NOT recording your effing salary. Being an accountant by trade, I find this type of shit fascinating. be fair to Prince, let's take a closer look at this thing. Look at the blog that broke the "story." Read the actual lien that was filed by the IRS. The actual lien was filed back in 2005. NOWHERE...I repeat...NOWHERE in this blog does it mention if Prince paid off the lien. Conceivably, Prince took care of this thing back in 2005. The fact that this blog just posted this today and everybody is running stories with headlines like "Prince owes the IRS X amount of dollars" is jumping the gun in my opinion.

That blog could have just came across the old lien and posted it. What is known right now, was that in 2005, Prince Fielder DID owe the IRS that money. We don't know what happened since then. Everybody is assuming that lien isn't paid.

But you know what...THIS is the bigger question/point of this whole thing: HOW THE F DOES PRINCE FIELDER GET TO THE POINT WHERE THIS TYPE OF STUFF EVEN HAPPENS? Who is his tax accountant? Who is his lawyer? Who is accountable for effing up so bad? There is no way Prince Fielder does his own taxes. When Prince found out about the lien, did he go to his CPA's office and break down the door demanding answers? So many questions!

When asked to comment, Ryan Braun said he would have no problem loaning Prince the money. True story.

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