Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Boo Birds were out last night!

Last night I led a dominating performance in the Tosa Men's softball league in which my team took down the undefeated team sponsored by Colonel Hart's by doing a massive infield shift on their 4 large left-handed middle of the order beasts.

Then I remembered I write for a Brewer Blog and figured I should go to the game.

We arrived in the 3rd. The Red-headed step child had already gotten out of a couple jams. My buddies who were already there let me know..."wait until Bill Hall comes up'll love it."

He was booed. I saw a few random guys standing up and clapping, but the overall crowd booed Bill Hall. Indeed...I did love it.

Here are my last official comments regarding this whole "want to be traded thing:"

Bill Hall has no proverbial legs to stand on here. He's sucked this year. I'm not linking any numbers anymore because we've already beaten it to death. Dude just can't hit right now...ESPECIALLY against right-handed pitching.

So what happens? With a Brewer team that is in a "win-now" mode struggling to find offense...they bring up a guy who is raking in AAA to spell Bill Hall. Hall is pissed (naturally). Yost claims its not a strict platoon, basically stating that he will play who is hot. Right now...Branyan is "hot." Hall is not. It's that simple Bill. The Brewers want to win.

Within 10 days of Branyan being called up, Bill Hall demands a trade. Unbelievable. Right in the middle of the season. Right in the middle of a WINNING STREAK. Remember in the middle of 06 when Yost starting "platooning" Jenkins & Corey Hart? Jenkins was pissed. He stated he wanted to be an everyday player. He had been in the Brewer system for 10 years or whatever. DID HE EVER DEMAND A TRADE? NO.

It's not like we DFA'd Hall. We just told him we need guys in the lineup that produce. He wasn't producing. A classy ballplayer would have gotten a huge chip on his shoulder and work his way back as the everyday player. Not Bill Hall though. He felt in his twisted mind that the Brewers "owed" him the everyday spot at third, since they've never given him a shot to prove he can play a single position. How quickly he forgets the $24 Million dollar guaranteed deal that the Brewers gave him.

So the man who is batting .228 demands a trade. His agent thinks the Brewers could "get a good pitcher" for him. Who is more drunk? Hall or his agent? A "good" pitcher?? Freaking who? Ben Hendrickson? Victor Santos? Dude is owed 15 million after this year? What team is going to trade a "good" pitcher to take that contract on? Give me a break.

The whole situation just stinks. It really does. It's ridiculous, laughable, and bothersome all at once.

So we end up back at Miller Park. Bill Hall was once the fan favorite. Drafted and brought up by the team. Superman. Can play anywhere. Team player. Team MVP. Bill Hall chants were prevalent all over the stadium.

Not anymore. Now he gets booed. Congratulations Bill, you are officially an asshole.


Goldy said...

To me, the worst part about Hall's rant(s) was when he basically called out Weeks and Cameron and asked why they weren't being platooned. Well, Bill, there are no 2b of CF in AAA who are just completely mashing the ball. If Branyan wasn't a golden god in Nashville, Hall would still have his full time spot, sucking it up.

Hall should look at this as his version of being sent to the minors. Weeks came back last year and started ripping the ball. Hall nees to relax and shore up his defensive work and he will get more playing time.

Krey said...

You're right Goldy, what a proverbial team player! As I said yesterday Billy, put up or shut up. It was kind of hilarious yesterday listening to all of the BOOOS! On the contrary, The Big Unit got a standing O from Milwaukee fans. I consider that a step in the right direction for the etiquette of Milwaukee baseball fans. If only we can get a few people not to get up in the middle of the inning and not boo everytime the opposing pitcher throws over to first. That bothers me.

matt said...

You know what bothers me at Brewers games?

Douchebags wearing Packers or Badgers gear at the game. If you don't have any Brewers gear - fine. But don't wear your Packers or Badgers crap just to show you're a fan of Wisconsin sports.

Your Favre jersey doesn't belong at Miller Park.

goldy said...

The people who cheer loudly anytime a flyball comes off the bat, even if it just a pop out to second, really bother me.
That and the fact that there is a Waste Management ad above the Brewers bullpen.

AP said...

Billy's agent was on WSSP yesterday afternoon, and he seemed to be defusing the situation a little bit. From what he said, it sounded like the beat writers at the J/S might've been a bit overzealous using words like "trade demands". He basically said, "We didn't ask for a trade and nothing has been 'demanded'. We just ask that if the Brewers orginization has a reasonable opportunity to improve their team with a trade that they consider moving Billy in the interest of BOTH the team and my client. Bill wants to play everyday"

My problem with Billy's argument is this: One of his arguing points is that he has moved all over the field, switching positions to be a team player and to accomodate the team's needs. He feels like that has been overlooked as his contribution and as a factor for his struggles. My problem is that his "super-sub" ability was the primary reason he was able to get so much playing time early in his career. Imagine if Tony Gwynn Jr. were able to play multiple positions.

Essentially, when he negotiated his ginormous contract, I am sure he used his utility as a positive & the Brewers accomodated him. Now he's trying to use it as a negative. I don't think it works that way. The Brewers fully realize they've jerked him around I think, but they've compensated him for it. He's going to go back to being a utility guy, because right now that's the best way to get value out of him. Bill needs to just make the most out of wherever and whenever he gets to play.