Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some indirect good news?

Would we rather have Francisco Cordero this year than Eric Gagne. Sure!
Would we like to have Cordero for 3 more years after this one? Ehhhh....not so sure.

From Fire Joe Morgan today:
Zach Rastall (Marinette, WI): Hi Joe you're awesome. What should the Brew Crew do about there horredous relief pitching?

Joe Morgan:
There's not much they can do. They invested a lot of money in Eric Gagne, and if he doesn't work his way out of his problems, it will be a disaster. It hough they should have re-signed Cordero, but they lost him to Cincinnati. They'll have to live with that decision. Very few general managers will admit their mistakes. Gagne can turn it around, but who knows?

Ken Tremendous: Here's the thing, man:

No, actually, here's the things:

They didn't invest a lot of money in Gagne, relatively speaking. It's one year, $10m. Now that's obviously not cheap, especially for an homme who suces as mal as he does, but they can cut him if they want to and next year, it's back to the drawing board (in a good way). Frankie Cordero, on the other hand, got $46m for four years from the dumbass Reds. He is 33 years old as of last Sunday, and he has walked 11 guys in 15 IP this year. The Reds are going to be paying this guy $10.5m when he is 36 and on the shelf with his eleventh TJ surgery. (Yeah -- eleventh. A lot happens to Cordero in the next few years.) And you think the Brewers should have signed him? And you think they're having a hard time living with the decision not to?

Gagne stinks, and he's not their closer anymore. They took a risk on a short-term contract and it didn't pay off. At least it's not a hamstringingly bad 4 year deal for a mediocre 33 year-old.

I find Joe Morgan pretty comical. In Joe Morgan's "answer" he didn't make a single reference to Mota, Torres, Riske, Shouse, or Stetter. These are the other guys in the Brewer bullpen besides Gag-me. There isn't much they can do? I think those guys would have something to say about that.
I also find it comical that somebody gave Cordero that contract. Right now Doug Melvin is rubbing his hands together and laughing in his lair, happy with the fact he was able to drive up Cordero's market value even though he had no intention of ever resigning him to a deal that long.

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Goldy said...

FJM accuratly sums up my thoughts about the Gagne signing. When they signed him, I thought it was a good gamble. Obviously it hasn't turned out well so far, but I am not completely closing the book on the fact that Gagne could save 30-plus games this year.
To you and me, $10 million is a metric shit load of money. To Mark A. and the Brewers, $10 mil is a good chunk of change, but in no way is a one-time $10 million dollar expense going to hamstring the Brewers from picking up anyone later this season or resigning one of their young guns.
Yah, it was a gamble that currently isn't paying off. However, there were not a lot of other options available after Cordero left. They made a legit run at Coco and gave him a more than fair offer. He went elsewhere. They had nobody on the roster who could close and they were not going to trade away guys like Hart to get Joe Nathtan (before he signed his extension), so siging Gagne was risk worth taking in my book.