Thursday, May 15, 2008


On the same day that Ryan Braun re-signed with the Brewers, another NL Central team made news by signing an outfielder. Although this news was a bit less well received by its team's fan base. The Cubs have signed Jim Edmonds, evidently to play in a CF platoon with Reed Johnson.

Our friends at Wrigleyville 23 were less than thrilled about the prospect of this move, even before it occurred.

This means that the latest Cubs can't-miss prospect, Felix Pie, has evidently missed...for now. Some might argue that he hasn't even been given a chance to miss yet - but the impatient Cubs want to win now, apparently, and can't wait for Felix to find his way at the plate. I'd think that an offense that leads the NL in scoring would be OK with allowing a fine defensive outfielder to learn on the job, by stashing him at the bottom of the lineup...but what do I know?

I guess nothing says "win now" like signing a 37-year-old outfielder who was cut loose by the team with the worst record in baseball.

So Pie is headed back to Iowa, to team with Rich Hill in a quest to dominate AAA. I'm sure this does wonders for young Felix's confidence. Good for Brewers fans, long term - bad for Felix, I'm sure.

I think Cartman says it best. No. More. Pie.

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