Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nervous Ned?

A big article on CNNSI about our fearless leader. Basically says how he's a lightning rod in Milwaukee....good to see this is getting national run. Quotes are from Homer True and the creator of For the record, Chuckie Hacks declined the interview. Or wasn't of the two, I forget. My favorite part?

A couple of his former players have called the manager "Nervous Ned," remarking how he gets uptight in pressure situations late in the season or in close games.

Oh, and I see from his Wikipedia page his real name is Edgar. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

I like Anxious Edgar better

Jayson Stark said...

• Prince Fielder: "This guy is so big now, he jiggles. He's enormous. Hey, he's a great hitter. But he's huge."