Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ned on Ned

Ned on his decision to use Gagne last night in a save situation:

"I wasn't going to not pitch him just because people thought I'm stupid for pitching him."

See, Brad, no matter how much you complain, Ned is just going to be Ned. Ned doesn't care if you think he's stupid.

Rickie Weeks needs to stop making Gagne get 4 outs to record a save, by the way. It's like good Rickie (or, more accurately, adequate Rickie) turns into bad Rickie every time the 9th inning rolls around in a close ballgame.


Rickie Weeks said...

You guys must have forgot my clutch game winning walk off single last Friday against the Cardinals to end our 6 game losing streak.

That was in the 9th inning motherf&*&ers. Then I got laid 3 times that night after making it rain at Encore, & Arts Performing Center.

Matt said...

Rickie, I should have been more clear. I was talking about your defense.

latrell sprewell said...

Rickie - you are welcome on my yacht anytime...if its not repoed yet.

ryan braun said...

if rickie thinks he's getting laid a lot lately, he should see the pack of cougars lined up outside my condo.