Friday, May 2, 2008

Future Beer Makers

Looks like the next crop of Brewer bats currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama. The Stars are crushing Southern League pitching to a tune of 6.2 runs per game, a full run more than the #2 offense in the league...who happens to be the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. WTF? Anyway, here are some highlights:

Matt LaPorta, OF: .319 avg, .413 OPB, 9 Bombs, 30 ribbies.
Mat Gamel, 3B: .374 avg, .442 OBP, 5 bombs, 20 steaks.
Michael Brantley, OF: .333 avg, .429 OBP, 7 SB
Cole Gillespie, OF, 4 bombs, 18 RBIs.
Alcides Escobar, SS: 16 RBIs.

Not surprisingly, Huntsville is owning the Southern League batting stats, and also the Southern League itself with a 19-8 record. Good job kids, mash away!

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