Friday, May 23, 2008

Biggest Disappointment

JSOnline has a very scientific poll up on their brewer page right now (click here and look halfway down the right side).

There were only 700 votes when I did it, but I'm guessing the numbers won't fluctuate more when it's all said and done. Some of the numbers shocked me a little...

43% Prince Fielder
35% Eric Gagne
11% Bill Hall
10% Dick Weeks
1% JJ Hardy

First of all...Gagne has to be #1. There is no debate. He has been a complete bust. There is no defending him. He is the highest paid player (I think he makes more than Soup) on the team. He's freaking sucked and now he is hurt. HE HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT.

I'm surprised by the Prince Fielder number. I can see him getting some votes...but come on...43% of people think he's the biggest bust? Sigh...let's go to the stats again. He has the highest OBP on the entire team. HIGHEST. Better than Hart...better than Kendall. Prince Fielder currently gets on base more than any other Brewer. He's got the 3rd highest VORP behind Braun and Hart.

I'm not giving him a pass. His power numbers are down. There is no denying that. But that will come. All it's gonna take is a little 3-4 homer week and he'll be back on pace. It happened to Braun. You gotta think it's gonna happen to Prince as well.

I guess my main point is that people are funny. It appears that if Prince doesn't hit 50 homers this year he's a disappointment to almost a majority of Brewer fans based on this very scientific poll.

For the record, Bill Hall is the biggest disappointment for me personally. Gagne is on another level...let's not even talk about him.

Unofficial Chuckie Hacks poll...who has been the biggest bust so far??? Go on record.


Anonymous said...

Ben Sheets, he has only missed 1 start this year, I have $100 on an over/under of 25 starts this year, he needs to break a toe nail or finger nail.

AP said...

Bill Hall. Easily. Gagne's contract was a one year gamble, Hall's contract was supposed to be an investment in the future. Watching a Bill Hall AB is my least favorite activity on Earth. Even after this year, we still owe Billy just under 16 million through 2010. That's a bad contract. Especially since it looks like he's just going to be a platoon player VS LHP at some point.

brad said...

Gagne was nothing more than a gamble. Hall sucked last year, so didn't expect him to turn it around.

Me its Villanueva - My fault because I overrated him after last year's stint in the rotation. He's been terrible...thought he could get about 12-14 wins with a low 4 ERA. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Dick Weeks...I guess I bought into the "Yostradamus" and Rob Neyer hype...

jason said...

I came here to post Villanueva.

For as much as stupid radio guys blather on about how the Brewers are totally screwed if Gagne does not return to his lights out closer form, he's a one year gamble that didn't pan out, and all he hurts is bullpen depth. Torres can close, and Riske should be back soon. Aside from Gagne and Turnbow the pen hasn't been terrible.

Bill Hall's AB's are terrible but his defense has been decent, allowing us to add Cam whose defense is excellent. It's not enough of a defensive improvement to make up for his suck at the plate, but it's not that bad.

Villy though...I had hoped he'd be a long term rotation guy based on last year. I'm sure they will give him another shot in the rotation, but if he doesn't pan out next year and beyond looks pretty bleak rotation-wise. If Villy could pitch as a starter like he did last year, we'd go into next year with Gallardo, Parra, Villy, Soup, and only one question mark.

I think Villy sucking hurts the team for a much longer period.

Anonymous said...


His bat just plain sucks!
How can he hit the cover off the ball for the first 2 months last year and now he can barely get it out of the infield-see last nights last AB. WTF?

UeckersEats said...

For the money spent in ration to performance? I'm going with Jeff Suppan. All he does is eat innings. That's worth 35 million? Really? Man, I'll go up and get shelled for 9 innings a week for that kind of dough. Hell, I'd pitch 400 innings for Suppan's $.

Anonymous said...

Going by 2007 vs 2008, you have to go with Fielder. Gagne was a bust last year, Hall, Hardy & Weeks didn't do much better last year vs this year.

blueguitarbob said...

I agree with AP... it's easily Bill Hall. Hall showed massive promise the past few seasons, and his switch back to the left side of the infield was supposed to bring him back to familiar territory and remove all barriers to his offensive potential. Instead, he's reverted back to the 2004 version of Bill Hall: flawed batter, decent defense, needs to be in a platoon to make a ML roster. There is no other player on the roster with such a huge gap between demonstrated potential and current performance.

Goldy said...

Even from Los Angeles and seeing part of the highlights I can tell that JJ Hardy sucks donky dick enough to be the worst player on the team. Biggest dissapointment? I don't know. Didn't expect anything from him.