Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bad Golf

Tomorrow morning, I will be headed out to Erin Hills in an attempt to play golf at a course that may one day host a U.S. Open. My goal is to not destroy the course. By "not destroy the course" I mean don't take out too many huge divots in the fairway (if I ever hit the ball there)or chunks out of the green as I toss my putter in frustration. With only 1 round under my belt so far this year, I think anything under 110 would be a success. This would surpass my original claim that I may shoot a 150 after seeing a bit of the course on Golf Wisconsin with Tom Sutton. I also feel better after buying some TaylorMade balls this weekend that say they improve your distance on off center hits. As Tony accurately pointed out, this just means I'll be 10 yards deeper in the woods. Since Erin Hills has no woods, I assume this means I'll be 10 yards deeper in seas of fescue. Should be fun. Honestly, this post was just an excuse to throw up another oldie but goodie photo.

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