Thursday, May 29, 2008

2007 Brewers Bullpen

2007 Brewers bullpen update:

Francisco Cordero: 11 saves in 13 opportunities, 2.28 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, 28 K/14 walks for the Reds.

Scott Linebrink: 25 games, 1.13 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 18 K/5 walks for the White Sox.

Not saying that the Brewers should have paid the money that these guys ended up getting from the Reds and White Sox....but those are pretty good numbers, especially for Linebrink.


Anonymous said...

At least Melvin was right on the Gagne signing. Might as well have flushed that $10 mil down the shitter.

Tim said...

There's always Julian Tavarez. I'm holding my breath.

manbearpig said...

Speaking of flushing money, how 'bout Turnbow's 13.50 ERA in Nashville? That contract was great!

AP said...

Brewer's record this year when going for a sweep: 1-5, with the only sweep being SF opening weekend.

Brewer's record this year on the final day of a series (not counting the two 2 game sets): 5-11, with 5 straight losses on the final day of a series.

Tony said...

Linebrink sucked for the crew last year, nobody bitched when the crew didn't sign him to a fat contract. You can't fault Doug on that one.

Tony said...

Ap- Good pull on the numbers. that is an ugly trend.

AP said...

Thanks Tony. By comparison, our opponents are 3-1 when going for a sweep against us. Obviously, their record in the final games would just be flipped at 11-5 in the final games of a 3 or 4 game series.

I realize it's a relatively small sample, but I just think it shows that there's not a lot of "fire" or "killer instinct" or whatever you want to call it on this team in those situations.

Goldy said...

I still don't get all the hand wringing regarding Gagne's contract. It was a gamble. Anybody with any baseball knowledge recognized that.

The Brewers made a more than fair offer to cordero and the Reds offered a couple million more. We lost out but not for lack of trying.

So, after that, the Brewers only option to close was Turnbow. Obviously that was never going to happen. Gagne was out there. The Brewers took a gamble that he could somewhat regain his All Star form, but it wasn't to be.

They only signed him for 1 year, so it isn't that big of a deal. Would the club like to have an extra $10 mill in the coffers? Sure. But spending $10 mill on Gagne did not prevent the Brewers from signing anyone else this past off season, from sigining their young players to long term deals, from picking up players with large salaries during the season this year or from sigining plyers in the future.

Yah, it stinks that Gagne didn't pan out but it was a gamble worth taking. However, I do blame Gagne for the Toyota Tundra Territory out in right center. I think that is how they are trying to recapture the $10 million.

By the way, any one else notice they covered up the Potowatammi ads during the Braves series?

Anonymous said...

You can fault Melvin for not signing Linebrink. Just because the fans didn't want him re-signed, doesn't mean Melvin shouldn't do it.

Thats like saying "Eveland sucked in Milwaukee, so it wasn't a big deal to trade him and Doug Davis for Crappy Estrada." Melvin looks bad in that trade, even if nobody cared about Eveland at the time...because Eveland is good now.

Anonymous said...

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