Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Tradition

The Masters starts tomorrow. Arguably the best golf tournament to watch on TV (If you're like me and you like watching golf on TV). They show very few (if any) commercials on Sunday if I'm not mistaken.

In any event, golf predictions are pretty stupid, since Tiger Woods wins half the time he plays. All you can hope for is someone with the testicular fortitude to match him shot for shot and at least make the back 9 on Sunday interesting.

A buddy of mine did actually go to Augusta this week to watch the practice rounds. He had some very important analysis:
-By far the dirtiest person at the whole thing (players and gallery) was Miguel Angel Jimenez. His long, dyed yellow, pony tailed hair is ferocious. He is apparently a huge billups and sucks on a huge cigar the whole time, even on the practice range while he hits balls.
Carmelo Villegas walks around and consistantly has about 10 people in his posse following him hole by hole. There are 3 smoking hot chicks with huge sun glasses and King Cobra hats speaking spanish about how they are going to all f him at the same time after the round
Toms only played 9 on Monday due to a bad back. Don't pick him for fantasy.
-Hunter Mahan was spraying balls everywhere both days and struggled on the range big time. He was with his swing coach for about 2 hours after he played yesterday.

My prediction will never change: Steve Stricker all the way...


matt said...

In our complicated Masters pool (stakes: pride) we are penalized for picking players who use belly putters or pink shafted drivers (Bubba) and I'm being penalized 5 points per man boob for picking Phil.

I like watching the British better than the Masters, but Augusta is a close second.

Bill said...

I will pick Zach Johnson just like I insanely did last year. Some times insanity is correct.

brad said...

I'll take that 92 year old guy who won it back in the 40s...the guy who duck hooks his drives into the gallary and quits after 5 holes.

Anonymous said...

Bet on Strick. This is his year.