Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday's Game

Big Rig me!

Took in a great game Saturday night which featured Prince:
  • Hitting the go ahead home run in the 8th (did not see him mouthing "No Meat!")
  • Scoring from 3rd on a squeeze
  • looking to demolish the Fish's catcher on a sac fly, but the throw was off line.
More importantly:

  • I saw a guy sporting a real-deal, authentic, stitched on lettering "Paul Rigdon" jersey. It might have been Rigdon's uncle. I hope it was.
  • Pregame, had the best burger ever created. Mushroom and Swiss from Sobelmans. Apologize for sounding like Peter King talking about his favorite coffee.


Tony said...

Chip Chopp you don't stop...

The mush/swiss is good but the signature of Sobelman's is the jalapeno. This is OUTSTANDING. I'm more disappointed because you are in your 30's, fat, shun healthy meals and you just now discovered this jewel. This was a great spot when I worked at MU and still is when I get the chance. Good times.

Anonymous said...

ahh, sobelmans. not to sound like the bumper sticker but, if theres a better burger in milwaukee, i haven't found it.

Brad said...

Tony - yes, I am all those things...which makes me mad for not finding the place earlier.