Monday, April 21, 2008

Mailbag with Haudricourt

Man...there are some dandy questions in this mailbag. It's definitely worth 5 minutes of your time.

Weeks & Gagne were the subject of most people's ranting. But my few random gems were:

Q: Mark of Kimberly - Is Gabe Gross the worst major leaguer you have ever seen?

A: Brewers Mailbag - Perhaps you have forgotten Enrique Cruz. Or Chris Barnwell. Or... Let's just say this: no.

My REACT: Well done Tom. Chris Barnwell is without a doubt the worst player to step on a MLB diamond.

Q: T. Jones of Oconomowoc - Did Tony Gwynn Jr. sleep with Yost's daughter? Why are we not giving this kid a fair shake? I understand he got hurt this year. Last year he was hitting over .300 and was sent down and this year he comes off the DL to be sent down again. Coming back cold can't be any worse than Gross.

A: Brewers Mailbag - Perhaps you didn't hear the news that he injured his hamstring.

My REACT: Does Ned Yost even have a daughter? I'd for sure do her if he did.

Q: Maurice of Milwaukee - Hi i'm a african American who is a big Brewers fan? So here my question With six picks in the first two rouds what positions/Pitchers you think they will look at ?

A: Brewers Mailbag - Wow, it's way to early to project that stuff right now. They don't even get their first pick until No. 16, I believe. The draft board doesn't firm up until the final days before the draft. Check back then.

My REACT: Are you questioning that you are an African American or that you are a Brewer fan? I'm confused.

Q: Keith of Tampa - It's obvious that Gagne is a $10 million mistake...and Weeks is gonna see .100 before he sees .200. How 'bout they both go to Music City for awhile and see if they can achieve success at the AAA level, as it is obvious they can't at the MLB level

A: Brewers Mailbag - Do you really think the Brewers would try to send Gagne to the minors?

My REACT: I think Keith from Tampa was drinking boons farm when he wrote this. Keith...if you are a reader of this blog...I will bet you 1 billion trillion dollars that Rickie Weeks sees .200 before he sees .100.

Apparently there is going to be a mailbag every Monday. We'll have to make this a regular feature.


brad said...

Takahito Nomura was pretty brutal.

AP said...

Ben, son of Hendrick, is my vote.....

Tony said...

nice snap shot woz. I vote yes to weekly feature.

Goldy said...

Seeing Chris Barnwell on the field made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

I was actually partial to the question posted by "Harry Balczak from Stevens Point". Now maybe that's the guy's real name, which would be unfortunate (think about it for a sec). Or, his next post will be from the pseudonym "Mike Hunt" or "Haywood Jablowme". Either way, it was good for a laugh on a Monday morning after a tough Brewer loss.

John in G-town