Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's Try to Work That Pitch Count Tonight

The Brewers get their first look at Reds sensation John Cueto (that's Cueto, not Quevedo) tonight at the Keg. According to the Reds website, he dazzled in his first start with a 96 mph fastball, low 90s slider and high 80s changeup. He struck out 10 and gave up only one hit (a solo bomb to Justin Upton) in his 7 innings of work.

The goal for the Brewers should be to elevate John's pitch count. He only threw 92 pitches in his first start. If Milwaukee can get that up to...say...130 or 140, I think the rest of the NL Central would appreciate that. Remember, Dusty Baker is his manager. Ask another former young phenom, Mark Prior, how that worked out for him.

Finally, the Reds website is calling this series the beginning of their "First Major Test of Young Season". I think actually playing playoff teams in their first two series (Arizona and Philadelphia) would qualify as a major test. But whatever.

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garcia said...

Dick Weeks goes deep tonight!