Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I hope Burger King drive-thru was prepared...

...because Gilbert Brown will be on his way there later on today.

Anybody hear anything about this? The entire coaching staff (Gilbert Brown is the head coach) & general manager (essentially all those involved in football operations) of the expansion indoor football team Milwaukee Bonecrushers resigned yesterday.

Gilbert had no comment. Damn!

I find this mildly interesting. It is a semi-pro league...players & coaches do get paid. Think of it as the minor leagues of Arena football. So 3 games into their first season (in which the team goes 0-3), the entire coaching staff just says K bye? What the hell happened?

Unfortunately, it's tough to draw any conclusions from the articles. The Bonecrusher's ownership did release a statement on their website though if anybody is interested in reading it.
The statement says they fired everybody. Hmmmmmmmmmm...somebody ain't telling the truth!

Milwaukee has a decent record supporting indoor teams. The Milwaukee Mustangs of the Arena league actually folded because the AFL was scared there wasn't a suitable Arena (or something like that).

On the surface, this team seemed like a slam dunk idea. Cool name, Gilbert Effing Brown as the head coach, the city already proved they could support a team through attendance, and they had a 3-year deal with US Cellular Arena.

My gut feeling which I have no supporting evidence for: the ownership was a bunch of A-holes that the coaches didn't like. When it comes to loyalty, I choose the Gravedigger

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Anonymous said...

They all quit because nobody got paid, the owners and the franchise went bankrupt in only three games