Sunday, April 6, 2008

Giants? A Mere Formality

I'm still dumbfounded by the Giants crappyness. Did you see their 3-4 hitters today? Fred Lewis (.111), and Ray Durham (.188). Hey, a sweep is a sweep. Tomorrow off, and the Reds come to town. How sweet would it be to light up CoCo? The Reds are 4-2 and look to have a solid squad. Tuesday's starter for Cinci (Johnny Cueto) is coming off of a 7 inning, 10K performance in his first start ever. Not bad. The probables are:

Tuesday: Cueto (1-0) Vs. Suppan (1-0)
Wednesday: Fogg (0-1) vs. Bush (0-1)
Thursday: Harang (0-1) vs. Villanueva (1-0)

Looking even further on the new Brewers Magnate schedule shows: @Mets, @St Louis, @ Reds, one of the toughest roadies of the year. At least we will get it over with early.


Anonymous said...

Personally I'd prefer to have CoCo remain in the pen the entire series.

I just looked at the upcoming schedule for the Crew and it looks pretty tough for the next 5-6 weeks. Lots of what now could be very tough division games against CIN/STL/CHI plus the Mets, Rockies and later on at Boston.

I'd be very happy if they were at .500 in late-May.

garcia said...

i will be rooting the crew on april 11th in the butt hole of new york that is Shea Stadium!

Chuck Nueva vs. Nelson Figueroa

Good luck ex-brewer, I hope you get bombed!

Anonymous said...

Right now, Ray Durham is the Giants RBI leader with 2.

garcia said...

I appologize... Manny Parra not Chuck Nueva...