Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Game Report - Brewers 10 Cubs 7

This game would have been a blowout if not for Torres' little gas can performance in the 7th...or if we would have gotten more with bases loaded no outs with Braun and Fielder up (only 1 run). I'm not complaining. Check out the box score:This has to be the first time all year 4 different guys had 3 hits.

Sheets didn't look good...but somehow he was able to labor through 5. Apparently that was the most walks he ever let up his entire career. The big news is that he doesn't feel any pain....or does he?

"I think I'm going to feel all right (Wednesday)," said Sheets, who allowed three hits and four runs (three earned) while logging only two strikeouts in the Brewers' 10-7 victory over the Cubs. "I ain't saying I'm in the clear but I think I'll be OK."

So what the hell does that mean? That sounds to me like a quote from a guy who has no idea how his arm is going to react when he wakes up this morning. The Crew hasn't lost this year in Sheets' 5 starts...please just get 25 more out of him. That's all I want. I'm not greedy.

Also, what was the deal with that umpire hurting himself?
My buddies and I couldn't figure it out and now it looks like they are keeping the injury hush hush. I was laying 15 to 1 that the guy was gonna end up dead. Nobody took it.

Time for a sweep and the division lead.


brad said...

I'll go with "Mild Stroke." I hope he's OK.

AP said...

I would vote heart attack for the umpire, and I also hope he's OK.

Greatone said...

Would he be allowed in our death pool, is an umpire a celebrity? I mean no doubt there is a few NFL officials(Ed) but would Crawford qualify?