Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't read today's Mailbag!

My God...I'll never get that 10 minutes of my life back.

Don't waste your time me...just skim through this post.

Here are some of the more entertaining ones:

Q: Bryan Zehrt of Iowa - When is the last time the Crew pulled off a "Squeeze"? This is a lost art in baseball, one WE should consider doing more of. Oh, in late innings why don't we sac bunt runners to 2nd more often?

A: Tom Haudricourt - You know, I can't even remember the last squeeze. That's how long it has been. If the Brewers don't start hitting better, they might have to bunt more often. Bill Hall laid down a nice one yesterday but, alas, it went for naught.

My REACT: Hey Tom, did you watch the game Saturday night? Don't you remember Carlos dropping one down to squeeze in Prince? You must have been drunk.

Q: Craven Morehead of Antigo - When will the Brewer's love affair with Rickie Weeks end? Although he had only his first error yesterday, I and many others cringe when even routine ground balls are hit to him.

My REACT: HAHA! Craven Morehead! I bet Witrado saw this and giggled...and didn't tell Tom or his editor. The question and answer are pointless...I just needed to note the guy's name.

Q: Adam of Waukesha - What gives? A few of the guys - Hardy, Hart (sort of) Villanueva, Kendall - are sporting a mustach and soul patch (the 'stach 'n patch). I understand team unity and all, but it looks like we're fielding a team of pornstars/pedophiles.

A: Tom Haudricourt - Some of the guys certainly look cheesy. Let's put it this way. Players spend a lot of their free time adding and subtracting facial hair. Don't ask me why.

My REACT: Adam from Waukesha is just upset he can't grow a stasche like members of the Crew. Or like myself. Did he seriously just bash the stasche?

Q: Tony A of N.Massapequa,NY - Will Turnbow become our closer again?

A: Tom Haudricourt - Doesn't look too promising right now.

My REACT: Come on Tom, tell Tony from Massapequa that he is a freaking idiot. We'll close with a question I think every knowledgeable Brewer fan who read this was thinking...

Q: Rob of Brown Deer - This Q and A is really quite useless. What is the point/purpose of this "mailbag"??

A: Tom Haudricourt - To answer questions from people who aren't as rude as you.

My REACT: Well said Rob Deer...well said indeed. I think you hurt Tom's feelings though.

Until next time!


Mike Hunt said...

Nice question craven!

Napoleon said...

Wasn't Calos Villanueva in Napoleon Dynamite?

Jackson N. Hoffmen said...

That Craven sure is a sly one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort Woz. Though I am not a fan of the 4th grade jackassery from these clowns.