Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crean to Indiana University?

According to ESPN.com, the Indiana Hoosiers are nearing an agreement to hire Tom Crean as their next coach.



Goldy said...

Hold it. How can I post about Crean's lack of post season success now?
What is Wrigleyville's take?

Anonymous said...

As a 2x MU alum and season ticket holder, I say good riddance. He may know how to recruit, but he's not a great gameday coach.

Anonymous said...

Considering you are a 2X alum, you are a moron. I am also a 2X alum and a season ticket holder and unlike many alums, I remember the dismal condition of this program prior to the arrival of Crean. He will be hugely missed and the fallout from this is likely to be big in terms of recruits.

Listening to idiots like Mr. 2X MU alum reminds me of listening to Packer fans in 1998 telling Holmgren to hit the skids, that "who needs you anyway, we will be back in the Superbowl without you" and that really worked well, didn't it.

manbearpig said...

As a Marquette Alum, I'm more on the side of the first Mr. Anonymous. Yeah it was nice to actually have a coach that could get some good players to come to Marquette, but that is what Crean was... a good recruiter. He got in good players and put together good teams. But in my opinion, Crean was not a game coach. I didn't think he adapted well to game situations and was only an average game planner at best. The Stanford game proved that. He was lucky enough to have recruited one of the best players in the country in Dwayne Wade who took MU to the Final Four on his back, but other than that, what did Crean do in the post season?

If you wanted a coach who would provide good basketball and a successful program in terms of wins and losses, then Crean is your guy. If you want someone who is going to bring you championships, then you need to look elsewhere.

Wrigleyville said...

Wrigleyville approves, Goldy.

And just because something hasn't happened doesn't mean it will not happen (see Manning, Peyton and Elway, John).

But that cart is well before the horse at this point. This hire should bring stability back to what is traditionally one of the great programs in the country (five national titles, final fours in 6 of 7 decades, etc). And with stability and talent, good things can happen.

Anonymous said...


Second Mr. Anonymous here. I accept your reasoning and desire for better tourney results. But to say "good riddance" is my issue. If you look at the condition of the program (current players and recruiting, and yes, wins and losses) prior to and after Crean arrived, there is no comparison. Fans are mad because we haven't returned to the Sweet Sixteen, but forget that in the 90s, an NIT appearance seemed good. Also, he reconnected the alumni and students with MUBB. When he arrived, season ticket sales and overall attendance was lousy, our student section was weak, and alumni wanted nothing to do with MU Athletics after the name change. To look at all he has achieved and say "good riddance" is idiotic.