Friday, April 11, 2008

Brewers Staff - Post Yo

The Brewers have an interesting decision to make when Yo Gallardo comes off the DL, either this weekend or after one more start at Nashville.

If the Brewers are going on pure numbers rather than other intangible factors (e.g. grittiness, bulldog mentality, etc.) Dave Bush is gone from the rotation. No matter how many times he and Ned say that he hasn't pitched bad so far this season the results say that he's been terrible.

But what to do with Bush? Tom Haudricourt talked about this a little bit in one of his recent blogs. They could move Bush to AAA, assuming he clears waivers. Or, they could put Bush in long relief and get rid of Seth McClung.

One thing that Haudricourt mentioned that I considered as a possibility too is that Turnbow might have some trade value somewhere. Certain teams like the Tigers and Mets would appear to really need a bullpen arm. Turnbow certainly has an arm - it's just that he doesn't know where the hell the arm is going to throw the ball a lot of the time. Perhaps a change in scenery would do him some good. It just seems like he's (finally) not in the good graces of the coaching staff given his lack of appearances in any high leverage situations thus far this year.

So there you go. I'm making up the rumor that Turnbow is (or should be) available in a trade.


brad said...

That was my first thought when I saw him out there yesterday...just hours after looking horrible in Reds game 2. Maybe they wanted to show people that he really can be effective (sometimes).

Why is Bush to the bully not an option? Trade D-Bow or oust Clunger and put Bush in the Rick Helling role? He was a reliever in college and has been proven not to last more than 5-6 innings.

Another question in a couple weeks is who to send down when Cameron comes back. Gross, probably?

In Doug I trust, In Ned I don't

Anonymous said...


You didnt make this rumor up. They have been talking about this for days.

Brad- why are you stealing Matt's lines? "In Doug I trust..."

matt said...

Too bad. I wanted to start a trade rumor on the interweb - it was on my list of things to do today.

Oh well.

brad said...

"In Doug I Trust" isn't Matt's line. It's used by all Doug Melvin fans.

Sort of like when people call him "Derrick Turnblow" instead of "Turnbow." It's a generally used phrase by everyone.

matt said...

2 Mets series thoughts:

1. It will be interesting to see how effective Mota is if he's used. From what I understand, he is universally hated at Shea. I would think that would be motivation for him to pitch really well.

2. Matty Wise is on the DL. Too bad - I'd like to see if the Brewers hitters could hit that changeup.