Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Brewers Have a Productive #9 Hitter So Far

Do you think Kendall loves sticking it to the Cubs? I was told before the season by two Cubs fans whose opinions I respect that I will end up hating Kendall, but after 2 games I don't hate him.

Maybe it will come. I didn't hate Estrada after 2 games last year either.


Anonymous said...

I saw Kendall do at least 4 things today that Estrada wouldn't have: beating out the infield single, strike out/throw out DP, scoring from second on a hit and hitting that double in the 9th. He could do nothing else this year and it would still be a good move.

AP said...

That's a solid comment....Don't forget him running out and tagging the runner at 2nd in the first game. He's already outplayed Estrada in 19 innings of baseball.