Monday, March 31, 2008

Yost Likes To Say The Word "Braunie"

"They're going to pitch around Prince because of the intimidation factor," explained Yost. "Then they're going to get to Braunie. If Braunie stays in his game, (projected No. 5 hitter) Corey Hart is going to have a hell of a year.

"We've talked about it. The key is Braunie being selective. Because if he's not, I've got to change the order and put him in front of Prince."

"He came out of his game," Yost said. "When they were careful and pitched around Prince, they'd get to Braunie and he'd say, 'OK, I've got to go now.' Braunie's struggles in that area were self-inflicted. He was trying to do too much in those situations.

"The league never made an adjustment to Ryan Braun last year. When Braunie got in little funks, it was because he got overanxious and came out of his approach. When he stayed in his approach, they couldn't do much with him."

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Anonymous said...

Good to know the Brewers are set if they need any paper towels.