Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marquette Thoughts

We're at the tail end of Marquette's schedule after a heartbreaking loss to Georgetown. My God. Dom James' basketball IQ is lower than a Gatorade bottle. Not only did he foul the 3pt shooter at the end of regulation (how about fouling him before he shoots?), he basically dribbled out the clock at the end of overtime. I almost destroyed my remote. Man, would I kill to trade DJ for Travis Diener. He was smart, clutch, and made everybody better. Three theories that are foreign to James. I'll take Diener or Aaron Hutchens any day of the week over James. Hell, I'd even rather have Cordell Henry. To think James flirted with the NBA last off season is laughable. One assist vs G-Town?

Obviously it's not a bad loss. Most of their Big East losses have been stinkers. When they've lost, they've lost spectacularly. 15 to West Virginia, 20 to Louisville, 14 to Louisville, 15 to UConn. Since that rally @ Notre Dame (which Goldy pointed out a couple weeks ago), MU has been playing good ball. Albeit vs the second/bottom tier conference teams. I may be wrong, but I don't see anymore 15 point losses the rest of thew way. The improvement of Lazar Hayward (save for a non-existent performance vs G-Town) has been huge. Who thought he would lead the team in scoring and rebounding? Frosh Trevor "Can I buy a vowel" Mbwake looks like a time.

All told, they should finish up the regular season 22-8...only if they can figure out a way to get by Florida Gulf Coast?!? I think the Badger football scheduler also works for MU hoops. I see a loss @ the shitty Carrier Dome as the Orange are fighting for their post-season lives.

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AP said...

Remember when there was talk of James being a lottery pick? I'm going to go ahead and call that unlikely at this point.....